what is stress?

Stress can come from a variety of different sources such as: school, work, finances, relationships, illness, and many others. Not only do adults experience stress, but children and teens also!

The most significant factor that contributes towards stress is the thoughts that we have about a certain situation. It is how we evaluate the situation that determines our response.

When the situation demands more resources and skills than we currently have available, then the situation is seen as stressful. Everyone interprets situations differently and has different levels of coping.

If ways are not learnt to effectively deal with stress, then it can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease, ulcers, lowered immune system, and mental illness.

To more effectively deal with stress we need to look at coping responses, utilize your strengths, and develop more positive thoughts and feelings to solve problems, feel more in control, and modify your responses to stressful situations.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, let us help you manage your stress more effectively, alleviate the symptoms, and build healthy ways of coping. You will feel better for it.

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common signs of stress:

  1. feeling overwhelmed

  2. worrying

  3. muscle tension

  4. difficulty sleeping

  5. outbursts of anger/frustration

  6. outbursts of crying

  7. increased heart rate & blood pressure

  8. rapid breathing

  9. headaches

  10. sweating

  11. decreased digestion rate, butterflies in stomach, or indigestion

  12. feeling pressured

  13. feeling tired or fatigued

  14. increased consumption of coffee, smoking, alcohol, drug use

  15. anxious or feeling tense

  16. memory loss

  17. more frequent colds or flu

  18. ulcers

  19. errors in judgement

  20. personality changes

  21. lowered libido

  22. stomach complaints


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